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Important Things of Jordan before traveling
September 24, 2018
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September 24, 2018

10 Interesting things about Jordan


A "dry" territory

One of the interesting things about Jordan is that it is a desert in huge expanses. Only 3% of its territory is cultivable, and areas that are greener, are rugged or mountainous. Going through its territory for the most part will take us through desolate and dusty landscapes, in a country that is among the poorest in water resources. But the prize for such a hobby could include some of the most beautiful desert views on the planet, such as taking a walk through the red desert of Wadi Rum.

A stable destination in an unstable region.

Some of the neighboring neighbors of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan are not at their best. Syria to the north, Iraq to the northeast, west the territory of the West Bank. Jordan is an institutional monarchy, and although I detest the topics, it is often said that Jordan is the "Middle East Switzerland" for its policy of neutrality, its stable regime. How safe could I feel in the country? As much as to forget the subject, beyond any precaution that one can take in any country on the planet.

A moderate Islamic country.

In Jordan, they explain that their country applies a moderate version of Islamism. In terms of clothing, women enjoy freedom, and if they choose to wear a veil in public it is only by a personal decision. In fact, Queen Rania of Jordan does not use veil.

The lowest point on earth.

How does it feel to float in the Dead Sea? I would say it was the first time I felt that my body was transformed into an inflatable mattress, literally. Walking 400 meters below sea level is only possible in the Dead Sea environment, a point where countless rivers drain without remedy while the high level of evaporation accumulates salts and minerals to make up what they say is the largest natural spa in the world. planet. The water has a level of salt ten times higher than the rest of the world's seas, as well as a mineral wealth that has attracted characters like Cleopatra with its beauty myths. Another interesting thing about Jordan, or we could say, the biggest attraction of the site would be this place, the wonderful Dead Sea.

The legendary Bedouin hospitality

If there is a place in the country where this atmosphere of hospitality is most breathed, that place is Wadi Rum. Land of Bedouins, kindness and sincere hospitality. In Wadi Rum it is better not to tip, you can see a relaxed atmosphere, receive jokes and smiles despite the language barriers that may exist. Perhaps it is hospitality that has influenced this balancing diplomacy that seeks stability in a troubled region. Something that is also perceived in the rest of the destinations visited in Jordan.

And the mania of being up to date.

It seems that, as it happens in so many points of the planet, there are certain traditions that are exhibited more with a tourist purpose. The desert Bedouins are no longer nomads, and they want to be "up to date". Do not be surprised if the Bedouin who leads you through the desert takes you in a recently released 4 × 4, and takes out an iPhone or similar, while explaining the meaning of some millenary paintings in the sandstone of Wadi Rum. After all, it's a trip to Jordan, not a trip through time, to be clear.

7. The tea ceremony.

It's actually common in the Middle East. There was never an occasion when they did not have tea, even after dinner, before, during, or between meals. They always offer you tea, even in the middle of the Wadi Rum desert. It seems that no conversation or moment can be faced if a tea is involved.

The pleasure of eating with your hand

Not that this is not common in several countries in the region. But in Jordan they have their own style and traditional dish to eat by hand. The mansaf stages the meal as a social event: in the center of the table a succulent serving of Arabica rice, broth with yogurt based on goat's milk, lamb or chicken in quantities that represent the degree of generosity. Eating with your hand on a shared plate symbolizes union and fraternity. Until (as they explain) serves to better appreciate the taste. (See how to eat mansaf without cutlery in 10 simple steps)

A desert ... but with sea

One of the interesting things about Jordan is that it is a desert in its entirety, but it has a small but invaluable coastal strip on the Red Sea. Over the Gulf of Aqaba unfolds the homonymous city, a coastal oasis with beaches overlooking an indigo blue sea, with some of the best diving spots on the planet.

A low-income country, depending on how you look at it.

Jordan is ranked 108 in 2014 among the countries of the world in terms of per capita income (PPP) according to the International Monetary Fund. It is a country that does not have resources as basic as water (it is one of the 10 poorest countries in water resources). However, it is a country of low to medium development, and it is better than one would imagine judging by its scarcity of natural resources (it also has no oil, although it is abundant in many of its neighboring countries). Jordan is a poor country according to how it is measured (poverty, especially in its rural areas), but it has a stable economy, and with difficulties, it gradually improves in aspects such as literacy and human development among others.

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