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Wadi Rum adventure in the desert
September 25, 2018
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Movies filmed in Jordan the country of adventures
September 25, 2018

Tips on Jordan that you should take into account

Consejos Sobre Jordania
  1. The currency of Jordan is the Dinar, which equals $ 1.41 for 1 Dinar at the time of writing the post.
  2. Despite being in a conflict zone next to Syria and Iraq, Jordan lives in peace. There are no terrorist attacks and it is a very safe country.
  3. If you do not go from the guide with experts, it is advisable to rent a car in order to easily travel around Jordan. It must be handled with caution.
  4. Although there is plenty of meat and lamb, the Jordanian diet also includes many salads, vegetables, hummus, cheese, pasta, fish and Arabic bread, so vegetarians have many options. Also in most restaurants and hotels there is a choice of soy milk.
  5. Most hotels have international outlets, but you should not forget to take an international charger with anything. You do not want to run out of batteries on your cell phone or camera.
  6. It is a country with a very dry climate, so the skin dries up a lot. The sunscreen is a basic as well as the moisturizer and also the lip protector.
  7. It depends on what time you go, but even in Spring, in Amman you can feel very cold at night. So do not trust yourself and wear something warm.
  8. Jordan is a small country and Amman is its capital with approximately two million inhabitants, flights arrive in Amman and from there you move to other places.
  9. In Amman it is recommended to visit the Citadel, as well as nearby places such as the archaeological site of Jerash and the Castle of Ajlun. Jerash / Gerasa is considered the heritage of the country and is very beautiful.
  10. The essential visits to know in Jordan: Petra, the Wadi Rum desert, the Dead Sea, the place of the Baptism of Jesus Christ, among others.
  11. The tourist sites of the Holy Land in Jordan are the place of the Baptism of Jesus Christ (next to the Jordan River) and Mount Nebo, where Moses saw the Promised Land. It is advisable to bring a bottle or some container to fill with Blessed Water from the Jordan River. The Jordan River is on the border with Israel.
  12. The Dead Sea is also considered the Holy Land.
  13. When you go to Petra, it is recommended to arrive one night before to contemplate the wonderful show "Petra by Night". Check then only three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday).
  14. To make the day tour, forget the glamor and wear closed, comfortable shoes and do not mind spoiling, because consider that you will walk approximately 20 kilometers in the sun and between stones and earth. To get to the Monastery, it is an hour and a half more walking (plus the return).
  15. Jordanians are very kind and friendly people. You will make many friends, because everywhere you are being asked where you are from and they welcome you.
  16. Everywhere they offer you tea.
  17. Sunsets in the Wadi Rum Desert and the Dead Sea are spectacular and unforgettable.
  18. Blonde women call them a lot of attention; do not be surprised that you are stopping in the street to take pictures with you. Men are flirtatious too.
  19. Many of the Arab women walk all covered and in the pools we can see them with the famous burkini (their swimsuit).
  20. If you want to snorkel the wave is to go to Aqaba, to do it in the Red Sea. They say it's called the Red Sea because the coral is that color. From Aqaba you can also go by ferry to Egypt (it's 45 minutes).
  21. In the Dead Sea when you get in, fleets. It has high healing properties especially for the skin. It is the lowest point on Earth, it is 418 meters below sea level. It has 33% salt and it is estimated that it will disappear in approximately 20 years, so you can not miss it.
  22. Jordan is full of cats! if you are a cat lover, Jordan is for you.
  23. The minimum time to go to Jordan and get to know her better is a week and ideally fifteen days.
  24. Jordan is a country where tourism is extremely economic.
  25. Credit cards are accepted in almost all the country but, in many cases, a supplement or commission is included for using them, it is best to take the money out of the ATM and pay with cash.

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