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September 24, 2018
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Aqaba, Discover the pearl of the Red Sea!

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What is Aqaba?

It is an Asian coastal city of the country of Jordan, it is located in the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea. It is a thousand-year-old city, inhabited for four thousand years BC, the history of Aqaba goes back to pre-Biblical times, when it was known as Elath or Ailath. Aqaba is undoubtedly full fun with outstanding enclaves, hotels, first class activities, shopping possibilities and adventure sports. Not in vain the greatest resource of Aqaba is the Red Sea itself where you can enjoy one of the best diving experiences in the world.

What does Aqaba mean?

The name of the city comes from the abbreviated form of al-'aqabat Aylah which, in Arabic, means "the mountainous pass of Ayla".

What to do in Aqaba?

Being in Aqaba you can choose to visit the great variety of private beaches that belong to the resorts in the area, beaches such as the kempinski that have been created with sand from the Arabian desert; and do not miss the great public beach. If you want a plus of luxury, nothing like going a few kilometers south and bathing right where the desert begins.

This incredible city not only offers archaeological tourism with destinations such as the Aqaba museum, but also the Gulf of Aqaba is the northernmost coral reef ecosystem in the world, and is home to more than 200 species of coral. . More than 1,000 species of fish provide divers with a magnificent spectacle, which includes, among others, dolphins, white sharks, sea turtles and manatees.

It is perfect for diving, as well as an epicenter for all kinds of excursions, either through the desert of Wadi Rum, or to biblical corners such as the Jordan River, the place of Jesus' baptism or Amman itself; A thousand and one activities can be done in Aqaba as the 20 km stretch of coastline that goes from Aqaba to the border with Saudi Arabia is one of the areas most appreciated by divers, who travel to the Red Sea, with access from Jordan, in search of the best underwater experiences on the planet.

Aqaba has been completely transformed and today is one of the main tourist spots in the country so you can visit the shopping centers, casinos and other places of leisure.

What to see in Aqaba?

These are some of the most striking places you can not miss in this mythical city:

  • Mamluk Castle.
  • The beach of palm trees.
  • A trip to Wadi Rum.
  • First Islamic city of Ayla.
  • The archaeological museum of Aqaba.
  • Diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea.
  • Aqaba Observatory
  • Sherif al-Hussein bin Ali mosque
  • Berenice Beach Club.
  • Boat trips with a glass bottom.

What to eat and where in Aqaba?

Being a coastal city, you have to take advantage of fish to eat, since in the rest of the country it is difficult to find. Prices vary, but in general, the price is cheap and food is plentiful.

Dishes you should try:

Shish kebab, Shawarma, Kefta, Mansaf.


Hummus, Baba ghanooj, Tabbouleh, Falafel, Arayes.


The most popular candy is the Knafe.

Recommended restaurants where we can eat:

- Ali Baba and Al Shamí, are between Raghadan St. and Hammamat St. streets.

- Captain's, Al Nahda St.

Where to buy in Aqaba?

You can visit the market (souk or souk), it is a great place to buy traditional spices without counting the different varieties that can be obtained among glass objects, pottery, silver and other beautiful things offered by merchants, many types of products, fresh seafood, spices, popular hand-made items, handicrafts and jewelry, natural products, home remedies, Jordan local manufactures with the use of natural products such as oil, with so many other local and imported items

One can easily buy some spices such as teas, fresh nuts and coffee, to take home with you. You can also buy locally made souvenirs and gold in the market.

Diving in Áqabar

In Aqaba you can breathe a relaxed atmosphere typical of warm areas, in fact, the city is famous for good hotels with private beaches bathed by the Red Sea. In addition, eating the best fish and seafood this city in southern Jordan has become a fabulous place for many tourists and a perfect base of operations to get started in diving, in fact, this is one of its great claims (the Red Sea it's a sea life orchard).

Aqaba Japanese Garden

One of the most attractive places in this city is its beach. ... For those who prefer snorkeling on the beaches of Aqaba, the Japanese garden is the perfect enclave because it has a surprising flora and fauna at a shallow depth. The access takes place by means of the narrow ditch of a coastal reef and descends until a bed of marine zostera, where you can observe morenas snowflake. The main reef is located at 5 m and descends through banks of antilles lyre tail and damselfish.

Taxes in Aqaba

With the opening of new air routes, Aqaba has become the gateway to Jordan for an increasing number of avid visitors to discover the attractions of the country. In addition, Áqaba enjoys a different tax regime so that taxes are significantly cheaper. This is obvious in almost any product that is bought in the city, but in tobacco and alcohol it is even more evident.

The Aqaba Tower

The Aqaba tower is one of the highest harbor control towers in the world and is located about 800 meters south of the distinctive Aqaba mast in the commercial port of Aqaba. It is 75 meters high

Archaeological Museum of Aqaba

This museum is located in the ancient city of Aqaba, which is next to the historic fortress of Aqaba, in the city that has the same name in Jordan, and near the highest flagpole of Aqaba, impossible not to find it. This place draws attention for its role in the modern history of Jordan, since the negotiations were held here between Sharif Hussein bin Ali, and the British to gain independence. Later it became the Government House, which is made up of all government departments in Aqaba. In 1990 it became the Archaeological Museum and also headquarters for the offices of the Ministry of Tourism and the Department of Antiquities.

Visit the high flag of Aqaba

The mast of the Great Square of the Arab Revolution is 137 meters high and is the second most independent flag post in the world. The flag that flies is the flag of the Arab Rebellion to celebrate the Arab uprising in 1916.

This massive mast, erected in 2004, acts as a reference point for land and sea. At 430 feet / 130 m height it is apparently the fifth highest in the world. One can easily walk from the center of the city, either along the walkway next to the beach or along the dual carriageway road.

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