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Breakfast. Panoramic tour of the city of Amman. Its most important avenues, the Citadel, the urban center y the Roman Theater. Continuation towards the city of Jerash, one of the cities of Decapolis. Jerash It is located north of Amman, approximately 45 km and an hour away by road. During the tour, we will visit the Arc de Triomphe, the Oval Plaza, The thistle, the Colonnade, the Temple of Aphrodite, and ending, the Roman Theater, with a wonderful acoustics. Then we will visit the castle of Ajlun, fort built in 1185 and rebuilt later in the thirteenth century, by the Mamluks after their destruction by the Mongols. It is a castle from the time of the Crusaders, located at the top of the mountain and from which a beautiful view is contemplated.
Breakfast. Departure to the east of the city, to visit some of the most representative calls Desert Castles: These castles, buildings from the seventh to the eleventh centuries, were used as caravans, others as resting pavilions and some of them as military forts for the defense of their territories. Next we will visit the dead Sea. The lowest point on earth, located 400 meters below sea level.
Breakfast. Departure towards what is known as "Little Petra" (Little Petra), only 15 km away. north of Petra. A narrow gorge of 2m. wide with its typical Nabatean architecture makes this visit unique and incomparable. It was inhabited by the Nabateans and has many tombs, water containers and channels, has a small path that leads to some of the interior area, Siq Al Bared, the scale of this area and the fact that it is the After Petra, he gave it the name of Little Petra. Departure for Wadi Rum, the desert of Lawrence of Arabia. Excursion to the desert of Wadi Rum and ride in 4x4 vehicles driven by the Bedouin 2 hours, consists of a small excursion in the lunar landscape of this desert. We will go into the pink sands of this desert, which has a special charm provided by the granite massifs that nature has modeled with whimsical shapes.
Breakfast . Full day dedicated to the visit of the pink city, the capital of the Nabateans. During the visit, we will visit the most important and representative monuments sculpted in the rock by the Nabateans. El Tesoro, famous and internationally known monument taken to the cinema in one of the films of Indiana Jones, the Colored Tombs, the Royal Tombs, etc. Petra is one of those places in the world where at least you have to go once in your life.

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