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September 25, 2018

Movies filmed in Jordan the country of adventures

Películas filmadas en Jordania

Jordan in theaters

Many will wonder what is special about this little country, because Jordan is a country for adventurers. Its beautiful desert and aquatic landscapes are a center of attention and fun for many tourists. Jordan among his appearances in great films, was chosen by Indiana Jones famous archaeologist in his penultimate film, Indiana Jones and the last crusade.

Indiana Jones

This is not the only change Steven Spielberg decided to make regarding reality. The interior of the famous Petra Treasury are diaphanous rooms with a mosaic that has not been open to the public for years. Maybe this was one of the reasons why he built a stage on a plate to recreate the place where the Holy Grail of the movie should be.

If you're ever going to visit Petra, El Tesoro is just a building. Yes, it is the most famous but if you only think about visiting it and decide to turn around at that point, you will have lost a great part of the greatness of this city. Actually the Treasure is the beginning and if you continue, many steps later you will be able to enjoy a great marvel of architecture such as the monastery of Petra.


Petra has also captivated the Hollywood industry and you can watch it in the movie "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen". The famous film of the war between robots that has captivated the world, in one of its deliveries filmed in the buildings of Petra, it is also one of the buildings that can surprise you the most since you do not have a preconceived idea of ​​it, in front of the You already have the Treasure and you can get close to him, and take pictures at the front door.

Lawrence of Arabia

And after all this stuff, practically only Petra has been talked about, although there is another very representative place in Jordan where one of the film classics has been filmed: Lawrence of Arabia. Although a large part of the shooting was filmed in Almería, other parts were filmed in the original place where Lawrence of Arabia was living: the desert of Wadi Rum.

The current inhabitants have not forgotten this character, for this reason, you can find that the portraits of both Lawrence and his interpreter in David Lean's great blockbuster Peter O'Toole are carved on his rocks. One of the attractions of this place is to visit it in a 4 × 4, normally driven by Bedouins, in addition to jumping or running among its dunes.

In hostile land

Another Oscar-winning film shot in Jordan is "On Hostile Ground," on the outskirts of the big city that is the capital Amman and on the border with its neighboring Iraq. This change of location is clearly due to the situation of instability in Iraq, compared to Jordan, which allowed more security for the team.

In the film it does not show us anything representative that clearly distinguishes one country from the other so the election has been totally successful.

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