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September 25, 2018
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Wadi Rum adventure in the desert

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Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is a desert valley located in a mountainous region that is formed by granite and sandstone in southern Jordan. It is the longest wadi in Jordan. Visiting this desert is a very incredible experience, especially for those who live in a city. The Wadi Rum is one of the most beautiful deserts of Arabia, one of the favorite visits of travelers who make tourism in Jordan.

Its labyrinths of monolithic rocks and endless spaces without life that hides really incredible landscapes, also offers deep canyons, water deposits and drawings engraved on the rocks, some of them dating back to 4,000 years ago.

What does Wadi Rum mean?

Wadi comes from Wadi which is a word of Arabic origin used to name the ramblas, the dry or seasonal channels of rivers, streams and torrents that drain warm and arid or desert regions. And Rum means "high" or "high" in the Aramaic language, and its pronunciation denotes the nearby Arab influence. To which Wadi Rum is known by the name of "High Valley".

How to get to Wadi Rum?

You can arrive by road, renting a car, it is a good option, since, from Amman, the capital of Jordan, it takes only 3 and a half hours walking the desert road that crosses the country from north to south.

From Petra

You can choose to pay a taxi or there is also a bus from Wadi Musa to Wadi Rum, which leaves around 6 or 6.30. in the morning, and the return from Wadi Rum at 8.30. or 9h. If you decide on this cheaper option, you have to know that buses or minibuses only leave if they are full, so you will have to wait, and may even pass during the low season, that they will never leave.

From Áqaba

Aqaba, the touristy coastal city of the Red Sea, is only 62 km away, so it is also a good starting point to reach the beautiful desert of Wadi Rum, by car or taxi in about 40 minutes, or by minibuses They leave near the Police Station of Aqaba at 6.30 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 15h. returning all of them an hour later.

What to see in Wadi Rum?


We find them in the Nabatean temple located right next to the Visitor Center, made by nomads of the second century BC, in the Khazali ravine, there are also inscriptions within a crack or siq of the Tamudic culture, prior to the Nabateans, and even the most daring can go further into the canyon, always with the guidance of experts and well equipped, in addition to those of Anfashieh and Alameleh.

The Seven Pillars of Wisdom

The impressive rock formation known as the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, as well as the title of the book of TELwrence and as a tribute to its history, taking advantage of its shape resembling 7 huge columns, which overwhelm you from the distance .

Lawrence Spring

Another of those places is Lawrence Spring, a haven of peace with a spring of fresh water in which to rest and have a typical Bedouin tea, in addition to getting one of the images of the film where the protagonist arrived on horseback.

Rock bridges

See the rock bridges that are always seen in the photographs of the Jordanian desert, and I can guarantee that they will be delighted. Umm Fruth atop a small hill, Burdah, the highest with 80 m. of height, and Rakabht al-Wadak which can be climbed more easily.

See the sunset in Wadi Rum

One of the best moments is watching the sunset in this magical place. The best thing to do at this time in the desert of Wadi Rum is to look for a high place from where you can see well as the sun goes down behind some characteristic rocks of the place and see how the colors of the desert get stronger before sunset.

Under the stars in the desert Wadi Rum

One of the most wonderful moments in the desert of Wadi Rum is to contemplate the sky at night, it is very clear that it looks like a gigantic vault decorated with many stars. It is a true joy to enjoy that magical silence where only a distant animal is sometimes heard.

Early morning to see the sunrise in the Wadi Rum

Urban people generally prefer to see the sunset than the dawn, because it fits more closely with the times of life, but here in Wadi Rum it is worthwhile to strive and get up early, because everyone confirms it, that, if there is something essential that see in Wadi Rum, this is the sunrise. They will not be disappointed, because it is really something magical to see how the first rays of the sun begin to illuminate this immense desert.

Camel ride

Live the experience by walking on the back of dromedary camels, traditionally used by all the civilizations of the desert and the best way to get to several places to see a beautiful landscape of Wadi Rum.

Excursion in 4 × 4 through the desert Wadi Rum

The 4 × 4 pick-up style, not only brings you closer to the most emblematic corners of the desert, but it also becomes quite fun transport while exploring the dunes at full speed. If you want more, you can also do different quad tours and there are even companies that organize trekking and help you if you want to go hiking in the Wadi Rum desert.

Balloon ride, the red desert from the sky

A perfect day in Wadi Rum can start with a balloon ride, enjoying a romantic sunrise in which the sun bathes its red lands making them an even more intense color. A captivating experience that will never be forgotten.

Where to sleep in Wadi Rum?

The desert can be visited in a single day if you do not have more time, but sleeping in the desert is an experience that you should not miss.

The hotels in Wadi Rum are generally camps, of different categories and prices, but in general, with all the comforts, even the most luxurious ones that even have a swimming pool.

When to travel to Wadi Rum

The best months to visit the desert of Wadi Rum and Jordan in general are the months of spring and autumn. In summer it is very hot and the excursions can be done only in the morning and in the afternoon near sunset, because during the day it is very hot. In winter season the hours of light are few and at night it is very cold, something that many forget when visiting the desert.

Recommendations for visiting Wadi Rum

It is important to be well equipped with plenty of water, everything you need to protect yourself from the sun, such as sunscreen and goggles, as well as comfortable footwear and appropriate clothing, without forgetting a sweatshirt or sweater to keep warm at night.

Visit Wadi Rum with a guide as it is very difficult to navigate in the desert, and therefore very easy to get lost.

Prepare cash, because, there, you will not find any ATM to take out.

The most recommended time to see Wadi Rum is between November and April, avoiding July and August, the hottest months when temperatures can become unbearable.

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